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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Coca-cola Small World Happiness see's the brand using installation box to get people to communicate between Pakistan and India in real-time. Allowing people to draw symbols, communicate through dance and touch hands uniting the two nations and unlocking a free coke in the process.


This really impressed me (last week)...Issue - drink driving post Carnival in Rio - solution "Beer Turnstile" Antarctica Beer and Brazil Almap BBDO tweek their beer cans enabling them to be read as metro tickets - no cash necessary - simply empty beer can. Ingenious.


Audi and Somo develop app allowing customer to hear the car engine, look under bonnet with AR Audi also release a battery saving app utilising their stop-start system


Utterly fascinating - real life cyborg who uses his tech to hear colours as he's colourblind. Incredible and a very witty guy...