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TED Curates the Best of Global Advertising

TED Curates the Best of Global Advertising

To pay tribute to the heightened level of creativity that continues to grow in the advertising world today, TED runs a non-profit competition,  Ads Worth Spreading. TED's Head of Global Partnerships, Ronda Carnegie, talks about what makes great advertising today.

"Advertising is far from dead. New media, new devices and more discerning audiences present challenges to the industry, but with every new challenge comes opportunity.

"At TED, we have benefited greatly from the intellectual evolution of the audience. As smart content becomes more popular, audiences expect more than ever from advertisers. Through Ads Worth Spreading, we’re seeing that people appreciate long-form advertising that is idea-driven, with meaningful storytelling and high production values. Viewers want to experience an emotional connection, an intellectual understanding or stunning creative work.

"Audiences want to be rewarded for the time they devote to watching an ad, and advertisers are recognizing that and delivering more meaningful pieces in traditional ads, online video and integrated marketing. Online media is waking up to the realization that audiences don’t have to watch ads, and so we need to capture people’s interest with genuinely interesting content.

"An Ad Worth Spreading should be an example of the possibility for advertising to inspire, entertain, deliver new thinking, and most importantly compel us to share with others."

This year's finalists include Mazda, Canal+, Microsoft, Sharpie, and Rethink Breast Cancer.

Source: PSFK