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Another week - another roundup

Another week - another roundup

A school in Florida are using a holographic window to allow real-time interactions with school related content for students and parents. Impressive.


Eye and facial tracking system used to detect when truck and lorry drivers may be falling asleep at the wheel and deliver a swift wake-up call to ensure safety.


The Adidas Smart Ball tracks movement and relays information and stats to a mobile app. (Unfortunately it wont make you play like Messi :( )


Retro Tape Deck lamp - Brilliant design from a Spanish collective and a great use of your old mixtapes. I really wish I had of thought of this!


Cool app - BuggleBox app - unsure of which club/bar to go to next?  With this app you can stream surrounding venues music to see what you fancy. Shame theres no camera option so you could stream video to see if its busy or not...


Kudos Brazil - again. Last week we spoke of a beer-can-come-metro-ticket for Rio Carnaval, this week an energy drinks can which can also be used as USB drive by scanning code with internet cam. Cool add too.


For now - over and out.